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Regulate sewer flows maintaining a constant discharge without external energy sources.


Transfer highly polluted base flows and wet weather floatables by gravity without hydraulic or electrical controls.


A highly effective cleaning system which requires no electricity, no maintenance and no fresh water.


A simple, efficient and reliable method of cleaning stormwater retention tanks and waste water equalization basins.


Fine screening of combined sewer overflow with no hydraulic power pack and no electricity required.


Designed so that overflow will only occur when the maximum design water level is reached.


A self-flushing or 'closing syphon' is designed to clean small 200-400 mm (6-12") diameter sewers.


A system for the complete management of large canals, whole canal networks and individual canal sections.


Decelerates the discharge and activates unused storage volume in sewer networks.


Level controlled discharge regulator for 5-3.500 I/s which reduces investment costs by half.

HydroSelf Round

Wave flush for circular and small rectangular tanks. The first radial flush for flushing round tanks without external power.

HydroGuard Mini

Effective cleaning of sewage and surface water sewers. Continuous maintenance independant of rainfall events.

HydroScreen FSRF

High performance screen protects waters. Overflows are secured. River banks stay clean.

HydroScreen FSRB

Arc-screen protects waters and river banks stay clean.


Mobile flood protection barrier system.

HydroBeam (MFPB)

Mobil Stop-Log Systems protect against flood damage.

HydroBeam (Mobile Sewer Safeguard)

Mobile laminated stop logs.

HydroBeam (Mobile Protection for Properties)

Flood protection for buildings and facilities.

HydroBeam (Aqua Roll Bulkhead)

Protect buildings and facilities with the AQUA Roll Bulkhead.

HydroLatch (Flood Retention Basins)

Equipment for flood retention basins.

HydroLatch (Flood Gates)

Protects sewer networks from flood water.


A successful combination: reliable functioning and first-class materials.

Hydro MESI Particle Separator

Save costs through effective stormwater treatment in small spaces


Continuous retention of floatables – no external energy, no moving parts