HydroBeam (Mobile Protection for Properties)

The Challenge

The climate is changing. Surfaces are being sealed. Rivers and creeks overflow their banks more often, more quickly and with more destructive power. Industrial production facilities have to be saved such that flood water does not reach them, but also so that hazardous substances do not reach the waters. Fire-fighting water barriers also prevent the run-offs of substances hazardous to water. The protection of possessions and properties as well as the environment has of top priority.

The Way

Houses, factories and technical constructions can be effectively safeguarded with mobile protection. It is not enough to rely on the old sandbag methods when dikes and mobile flood protection facilities fail.  Planning ahead to protect your property with mobile protection measures will allow faster reaction times. This helps self-protection and minimizes the amount of damage with high follow-up costs.

The Solution

The mobile property protection is fitted water-tight to the building structure. GNA CSO provides custom designed stop logs, dam panels and dam boards with integrated guide tracks. They are tailor-made to the site and installed water-tight. The frames can be permanently covered (windows, doors, gates and driveways).

The stop logs, dam panels and dam boards are interim stored. Leakage rates are well below the limits set by DIN 19569-4 with the HydroBeam® sealing system.  You define the degree of protection.

HydroBeam® Mobile Protection for Properties can be applied:

  • For buildings in private and public areas  (flood protection)
  • For technical facilities for industry and production (facility protection; protection of waters)
  • For fire-fighting water retention (protection of waters)

HydroBeam® Mobile Protection for Properties can be manufactured according to customer preference from:

  • Aluminium (AlMgSi0,5 F22),
  • Stainless steel (1.4301, 1.4571)


Water always finds its way. We have experience with that. Is your property protected against floating and ground seepage? Can you close off inlets and outlets in case of flooding? Do you know all inflows, cisterns and roof run-offs that drain into your property? Can these be safely diverted?

Ask us. We won’t leave you out in the rain.


  • Simple, robust stainless steel/aluminum construction
  • Variable design adapted to environment
  • High operational reliability
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Fast, light mounting, also possible without heavy lifting gear
  • Different degrees of protection
  • With guide and sealing tracks
  • Special PU sealing for evening out of floors up to 15mm
  • Planning support
  • Optional with bearing system
  • Optional with warning system
  • Upgrade to higher water levels
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