HydroBeam (Aqua Roll Bulkhead)

The Challenge

Change of climate, river regulation and settlement in natural flood areas increase the danger of flooding – the experts are in agreement on this. But how do we “batten down the hatches”?

The Way

There is a new alternative to filling and piling up sandbags. At the push of a button or automatically, the gate rolls up and „battens down the hatches“.  You don’t have to break off your holiday or be woken suddenly by splashing water.

The Solution

The Aqua Roll Bulkhead works, even in the house owner’s absence, at night, at the weekend or when flood waters are rising fast. When the water sensor sounds the alarm, the Aqua Roll Bulkhead rises automatically from its socket, which is installed under a door or window. Stainless steel roll support rods ensure that the stationary roll bulkhead can withstand the water pressure. Water-tightness is guaranteed by means of a rubber wall fused to the rod as well as compressed air filled tubes. The system requires very low maintenance, is designed to the statics of the house and is for the most part inconspicuously installed. The frame with the guide rails is integrated into, or attached to, door or window frames. All materials used are resistant and durable. When the water level sinks again, the roll bulkhead disappears as fast as it came out. It is then invisible but always ready for the next task.

The Aqua Roll Bulkhead can be retrofitted, offers optimal security and saves large and expensive “conversion work“ on the house. Storage space is saved as there are no conventional cover panels to store.

The HydroBeam® Aqua Bulkhead can be applied:

  • For buildings in the private and public domain
  • For technical facilities in industry and production


Water always finds a way. We have experience with that. Ask us. We won’t leave you out in the rain.


  • Fully automatic
  • Easy and quick to install
  • High operational reliability
  • Permanent protection
  • With guide and sealing frames
  • Ready to operate
  • Needs very little space
  • Saves time and money
  • No setting up or dismantling of mobile protection systems
  • Almost invisible
  • For old and new buildings
  • Engineering support
  • Warning system
  • Patented
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