For the complete management of sewer sections and whole sewer networks.

Modern canal networks should be operable without expensive storm-water tanks. The relation between price and performance is being taken into consideration more and more. In individual cases a business management analysis is called for. The systems currently available which promise operation without storm-water tanks offer overall solutions in general, which are expensive and which seldom allow for technically independent effective and inexpensive partial installations. It is often underestimated that large constructions are part of such technology, and that their amortization, especially in the case of partial installations, is uncertain. The option of successive expansion is preferable to an ‘all or nothing’ decision.

HYDROGUARD is not only a product but also a system for the complete management of large canals, whole canal networks as well as for individual canal sections. HYDROGUARD provides inexpensive partial solutions without compromising on function. HYDROGUARD performs many different functions and can be easily adapted and/or modified to meet the operational requirements for the management of single canals or whole networks. The main areas of application include controlled impounding and storage processes as well as the temporary detention of discharges with subsequent utilization of the impounded water for flushing the canals. An adjustable bottom outlet opening enables a continuous transfer of the pollution load to the treatment plant even during impounding. HYDROGUARD offers enormous savings potential in technology (up to 50%) and especially in the simpler and safer construction design (up to 90%) when compared with other systems.

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