The Challenge

Conventional electric flow regulator systems require expensive flow measuring (e.g. Venturi, MID.) with large shaft constructions.

The Way

Where constant discharges, data logging and remote control are required but measuring of dry water flow is not necessary, investment costs of approx. 50% can be saved.

The Solution

The ElectroSlide flow regulator is installed as a calibrated special penstock on upstream or downstream with an explosion-proof actuator in existing tanks or sewer manholes. The impounding level of the water is measured by a level sensor and transmittedto the control. From the impounding level the apropriate slide position for a constant discharge is precisely calculated. The desired discharge can be continuously adjusted in situ or by remote control. The plugging control recognises when the flow is disturbed. The ElectroSlide discharge regulator reacts with step-by-step opening of the special slide until the plugging is cleared. In dry weather periods, a flush wave for canal flushing can be created automatically.

The Advantages

  • Continuous and constant flow regulation
  • Plugging recognition and clearance
  • No slope jump
  • Exact flow control, even with backwater
  • Simple flow rate change
  • Terminals to remote control system included
  • Can be installed on upstream or downstream
  • Rigid, stainless steel

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low equipment costs
  • Cost and space-saving since measuring constructions and settling areas are not Necessary
  • Easy to retrofit in existing tanks and shafts
  • Inexpensive installation with instruction
  • Flow measurement downstream as an option

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